This is the dawn of the foldable smartphone. ZTE leads the way.


While we may have to wait for at least a year before Samsung or Apple debut a foldable phone, ZTE’s version is already set to go on sale before this year ends.

Called the Axon M, this “flip” phone has a 5.2-inch display on either side, held together by a hinge. In “tablet” mode (displays sitting side-by-side), both screens can be used as a single unit or independently. And when sitting in “tent” mode, the display can be mirrored so two users can view on either side.

ZTE Axon M

On hardware the Axon M has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB memory, and 20-megapixel camera.

It can be used as a “normal” single screen phone and this makes the second screen very vulnerable when placed down or dropped



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