Dubai Police add yet another cool new vehicle to their fleet


Like Usain Bolt in his prime, the Dubai Police are unstoppable when comparing cop cars. Buggatti Veyrons? Lamborghini Aventadors? Ferrari FFs? As police cars? This is video game stuff!

And now, they’ve added yet another toy to their collection, a Hover Bike. It is a single-passenger vehicle which levitates 16 feet off the ground and can speed up to 43 mph. It can also stay up in the air for 25 minutes in the air and can bear a human weight of over 600 pounds.

The bike is expected to be used by cops to reach places inaccessible to a car or a bike. Check out the video and see if the cops in your hood will need one as well.

Source: Dubai Police take delivery of hoverbike flying patrol vehicle – SlashGear


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