Lenovo to release a foldable Laptop PC soon? | Pricedrummer Blog

Lenovo bedndable laptop

Although it’s currently just a concept, Lenovo, at a New York event, signaled its intent to make a foldable laptop PC, quite similar to Samsung’s anticipated Galaxy X.

We are really not too far away from seeing bendable gadgets on the market, as evidenced by researchers at Queen’s University in Canada, who showcased a prototype bendable smartphone earlier this year.

And even though, during the event, Lenovo made no promise of releasing a real product based on this concept anytime soon or at all, we can be almost certain that they are currently working at making it possible.

Whatever the case might be, if Lenovo doesn’t, other manufacturers are sure to put consumer-grade bendable PCs up for sale in the near future.

Source: Wired.com


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