LG to make display for first foldable iPhone?

iphone6 concept3

Just a month ago, we heard reports that iPhone rival, the upcoming Galaxy Note 9, will be the first foldable phone from Samsung.

And now this article also suggests that Apple too may follow up with it’s first foldable OLED display smartphone, a few years after. The news item also indicates that Apple bypassed Samsung (currently the largest smartphone OLED display maker) to contract LG to make the display for the foldable iPhone.

From the report also, LG will commence production of these screens in 2020. But, unlike the Note 9, the release date/year for an iPhone fitted with this display is any one’s guess at the moment.

Let’s just hope that all this hype about upcoming foldable smartphones don’t end up as short-lived gimmicks.

Source: Firstpost.com


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