The perfect birthday gift for young boys

Ferrari Testarossa for Kids

So imagine you’re driving home from work and it suddenly dawns on you that it’s your kid’s birthday and you haven’t gotten him any present. What should you do?

Well, if he loves car (every kids loves cars) then look no further. This car is no ordinary toy. It was modeled after the Ferrari Testarossa (every kid loves Ferrari sports cars), and it runs on AAA batteries petrol (gasoline).

Ferrari Testarossa for Kids

Yep! Like the Ferrari car you drive, your kid also gets the privilege of driving to the gas station to top up his tank with real fuel. But to allay your concerns about overspeeding, it is good to know that the car tops at a speed of just 5mph, thanks to its turbocharged 120-cylinder lawnmower engine.

Ferrari Testarossa for Kids

Now, bad news is this toy costs a whopping £75,000, not counting other additional costs you might incur. But hey, it’s his birthday, you can’t go home empty-handed either.



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