US about to topple China as having the world’s most powerful computer


The worlds most powerful computer, the Chinese The Sunway TaihuLight, is about to get a cold knockout from the Americans.

This upcoming supercomputer will be called the Summit Supercomputer. And although we’ll not bore you with figures (tech geeks can check out the numbers here), it’s good to know that it’s massive CPU cores will be assisted by graphics processing units in making computations and 3D simulations.

And what will this beast be computing? Basically, science problems including “testing and developing stronger, lighter manufacturing materials; the use of sound waves to model the inside of the Earth; other astrophysics projects that explore the universe’s origins.”.

Who knows, in the next decade or so, our “smartphones” (given we still call them that in the future), may be as powerful as Summit Supercomputer. Powerful days ahead folks!



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