Windows 10 to get new look in Project NEON release

Windows 10 Project NEON

Microsoft will be adding some interesting UI features to its upcoming Windows 10 incremental update, code-named Project NEON. We have provided screenshots, courtesy, to give you a preview of what to expect.

A new feature being introduced in this update is called “Acrylic”, which blurs out certain portions of the UI, specifically, the background, sidebar, or the navigation of the app. The screenshot below shows a sidebar blur.

Windows 10 Project Neon

The aim of these animations are to basically bring back Windows 7/8-like features to aid improve screen focus and also give a nice look. The Acrylic feature will also work with Microsoft’s Hololens, which will make the UI blur based on your gaze.

Windows 10 Project NEON

Project NEON is expected to be released some time this year on Windows 10. No official word from Microsoft about the release timeline yet.



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